What Our Clients Say about our business software

We have been using AME on three computers for 8 months. Thanks to AME we are now saving around 20 hours per week.

One of the best bits about the system for us is that from a Quotation you can produce (with a click from the mouse) Sales Orders, Order Acknowledgements, Delivery Notes, Invoices and Statements. All these can be saved as a PDF files, this is great as we email most Orders along with Delivery Notes to our suppliers.

The support we have had from the AME team has been Excellent.

I would recommend AME without hesitation.

Nick Greenhalgh
Machine Tool Supplies Ltd.


We have been using AME for over 10 years and find it reliable, easy to use and back up has been excellent and prompt.

Roy Lunn
R Lunn Engineering


I have been an AME user for 9 months since setting my IT company up from scratch, there’s no doubt in my mind that without AME i would be completely buried in paper by now, and possibly be back working mainstream.

Since using AME i have managed to keep my own accounts (something i have never done before) I produce Sales orders, invoices, delivery notes, purchase orders and on the very very rare occasion (cough) credit notes. The software also enables me to produce statements of account so I can chase those late payers without having to go through reams of past invoices. VAT returns are a doddle.

Heres the best bit, they will tell you it never crashes hmmm i thought well IT DOESNT !! never, very stable software, easy to back up (i had my PC equipment stolen in the 3rd month of business and within 1hour (and a laptop) i was back up and running.

As new people start within my business they find AME very easy to master and within weeks they are showing me things that you can do that I didn’t realise (not really being a manual reader) we now have AME on a wireless network running Workshop, sales and purchasing on different machines and of course the accounts.

To conclude the team at AME are very dedicated and will install updates and any necessary tweaks during your installation period, and have been a pleasure and ease to deal with.

Simon Goodall
The IT Exchange Ltd


Before AME, there was no ‘off-the-shelf’ product that could cope with the needs of a busy and sizeable business and the cost of having a system designed exclusively for us was simply prohibitive. For years we had to rely on at least four separate programmes to handle the whole process from sales management, sales orders through to job scheduling and finally invoicing. A task made more costly and time consuming as the same data had to be manually processed several times over, taking up valuable management resources.

AME provided the ultimate remedy; the product was readily available in a basic form so we could see what we were getting before purchase and then tailored to suit our needs. We now have a comprehensive system that manages the whole of the company’s marketing system where sales, quality, operations and administrative staff are all brought together.

All this at a fraction of the cost of a bespoke system.

I would recommend the AME system to any businessman, without hesitation.

Stephen Clegg, Managing Director
Topspeed Couriers


We have AME on three computers and find it really easy to use. It has helped us to organise everything to such an extent that it saves me £200 per quarter on my accountants bills.

Paul Wedgford
Cheshire Motorcycle Salvage


I would like to thank all at gms software for the close attention you have paid to me over the last year. Without your support the business would not have gone forward as it has. Thanks again.

Steve Bold
Steve Bold Car Repairs (Leek)