One Software for Merchants

Welcome to our New Merchants section where we’ll be showing and discussing our products for all kinds of merchants and distributors. We are starting off with a single page but will be expanding it into a complete website section with News, Products and Services specially for merchants.

Advanced features such as Customer Discount Matrix and Customer Account Controls make AME ideal for merchants of all kinds.

Customer Discount Matrix
Customer Discount Matrix enables you to set discounts on product ranges and individual products on a per customer basis. Once set, individual customers discounts are applied automatically when items are added to a sales order or invoice, but may be easily overridden to suit. Easy to set up and maintain, this gives you the power to create sophisticated discount structures.

Customer Account Controls
Powerful controls provide automatic, instant, on-line checking of customer account balances when sales orders are entered. User settings allow you to determine the level of control and action to apply when a credit limit is reached or would be exceeded.

Sales order processing
Powerful yet easy to use sales order processing links to stock control and customer relationship management (CRM) handling and tracking all of your customers orders.

Stock control
Fully integrated stock control with full stock movement history, automatic update of in-stock quantities via SOP and POP, Multiple suppliers per stock item, notes and digital photos may be included in stock records, extensive search and manipulation facilities for easy management of large stock files.

‘One Software’ includes many other features such as alternate delivery addresses, picking note and delivery note printing, delivery history, automatic stock updating and more.

Many merchants in a variety of sectors are already benefitting from our multi user software.