Software for Manufacturers

Welcome to our New Manufacturing section where we’ll be showing and discussing our products for the manufacturing sector. We are starting off with a single page but will be expanding it into a complete website section with News, Products and Services specially for manufacturers.

MRP & ERP using our AME software system:

AME modules provide complete solutions for manufacturing companies. AME was designed for and proven in the electronics manufacturing sector and has evolved into a general purpose system suitable for all types of manufacturing industries.

Powerful stock control with integrated parts and materials ordering.

Parts lists, Products & Sub assemblies
The AME Parts lists module makes it easy to detail products and sub assemblies.

Component parts may be added to a product or sub assembly parts list manually or by picking them from a window onto the stock file.

Sub assembly parts lists may then be added to the stock file as components and used in higher level sub assembly or product parts lists. Products may also be treated as components of other products or kits.

There is no practical limit to the number of levels that can be created and managed in this manner.

Parts lists can also contain attached files and documents, such as assembly and test instructions, digital photos and engineering drawings and schematics. Keeping all the required information together.

Multi-job ordering
Our Multi-Job Ordering module can collect production ordering information from SOP and generate purchase orders to suit. Alternatively products or sub assemblies may be added to the order list manually.

The multi- job order module can then, with a single click, process all the specified items, expanding any associated sub assembly parts lists, checking against stock and automatically generate actual purchase orders for all the required parts and materials. The orders may be viewed and edited if required prior to submitting them to suppliers.

Production & scheduling
Production scheduling and control. Supports multiple (unlimited) stages and control points.

Jobs database and scheduler provide detailed views of production progress.

Time management
Optional Time Management module provides employee attendance data and collects and records times, dates and hours worked by each employee on each job.

More Info: AME – Multi User network Edition

Machine & Process Montoring
With design and development experience of both hardware and software for control and monitoring systems since 1987 we can provide computerised monitoring systems which fully integrate into our AME software system.

GMS have provided monitoring and control systems to Telecoms companies, Computer manufacturers, Motor vehicle manufactures, Textile companies, Paper and board manufacturers and coaters, Motor industry and MOD test sites, and to many other sectors.