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Xero Accounts – Use Xero with AME

Our AME software can now export transactions to Xero Accounts.

Whilst our AME software includes a full double entry accounting module, it can now optionally link to Xero Accounts, or Sage. This enables you to benefit from the many features and facilities in AME whilst giving your accountant the choice of using either of two of the most popular accounts programs.

Just a few clicks and a few minutes each week or other interval and all your sales and purchase transactions can be imported into Xero or Sage.

AME has had Sage export for many years and now supports Xero too.

AME now supports Sage Project Costing

Our Sage export facility now supports Sage Project Costing.

If your accouning staff or accountants are using Sage, our ERP software can export it’s sales and / or purchase ledger transactions to Sage on a daily, weekly or monthly basis., and now supports Sage Project Costing.

When Sage Project Costing is enabled, Project ref. and Cost code ref fields are shown on POP, SOP purchase ledger and sales ledger screens, and the project ref and Cost code data are included in the Sage export.